Post-Secondary Support for mentor2.0 graduates. 

All young people need guidance, encouragement, decision-making support, and a feeling of accountability as they transition into adulthood and the world of post-secondary education – whether college, high-quality post-secondary option like community college or a certificate program.  For more resourced students, their support often comes from college-educated parents or personal networks of similar peers and families. Big Brothers Big Sisters is closing the gap for our students, the vast majority of whom will be the first generation in their families to attain higher education.

Big Brothers Big Sisters offers a comprehensive Post-Secondary Education Program that facilitates mentors and mentees continuing their fruitful high-school relationships to defy these odds and ensure that students complete their chosen post-secondary education option on the road to personal and professional success.  Read more about mentor3.0>.

Just 11 percent of students from low-income communities who are the first in their family to attend college will have an associates or bachelors degree within six years of enrolling in school?
Only 38.2 percent of program starters completed their certificate in two years after enrollment