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According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, children 8 to 18 spend 6.5 hours a day on television, electronic games, computers, music and other media. For many, the virtual world has become a more familiar setting than the natural one.


If you love being active outside, you already know how important it is to your mental and physical well-being. You probably also know that kids aren’t getting enough time in nature nor do all children have equal access to the outdoors.

Outdoor activities can help alleviate many of the symptoms diagnosed in young people today including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and obesity, to name a few.Encourage your child in their education, motivate them to make positive choices, all while having fun in the outdoors

Spend 4-6 hours a month in your mentee/mentor in the outdoors and in the community

Mentors and mentees attend monthly events to learn to fish, hike, and participate in many other BBBS-sponsored outdoor activities

Current matches are welcome to participate!


  • Mentors and mentees will spend 4-6 hours a month in the outdoors and in the community
  • BBBS will sponsor exciting monthly events for mentees to learn to fish, hike, sports, conservation and outdoor education, and many more activities with other matches.
  • Mentees and mentors are encouraged to also participate in activities on their own


Mentoring Outdoors is made possible by our community funders: