High School Leadership Program

Mentoring younger students is a great way for high school students to learn valuable leadership skills and about the importance of giving back to others.


The BBBS High School Leadership Program (HSLP) is a program that gives High School students the opportunity to mentor younger students at their local elementary schools once a week.

  • Mentors are carefully vetted and receive extensive training and continued support from a BBBS Match Support Specialist to successfully mentor on a one-to-one basis.
  • BBBS provides a professionally developed curriculum that is adapted to the needs and goals of the partnering school.
  • Trained BBBS personnel are present at all HSLP class sessions to provide direction, coaching, and real-time guidance to the mentors and mentees.
  • The elementary students receive personalized attention, in both academic and social/emotional elements, while the mentors receive real life experience, mentoring/classroom management, letters of recommendation, merit cords, and service-learning hours.

High School Bigs Program

available in Otero, San Juan, and Chaves Counties only

The High School Bigs program engages high school students as peer mentors for elementary and middle school youth. High school mentors commit to spending 1 hour a week at the elementary school site with their mentee for a minimum of one school year (although most matches last longer). High school students will gain a friend and have fun with their Little by playing games, going on the playground, completing teacher-directed activities, and hanging out as a way to increase the mentee’s self confidence and help them with preteen issues. It’s really all about the Big and Little sharing who they are and building a consistent friendship.

When a high school student and a mentee are matched, they are not left on their own. Our staff works with the high school student to help them develop the coaching skills to help their mentee with school and peer relationships. Our staff also works with the mentee’s teachers and parents to make sure that the pair is working toward goals that are beneficial for the child.