Bigs With Badges

Bigs with Badges connects first responders with youth in one-to-one mentoring programs.


What is Bigs with Badges?

Bigs with Badges is a one-to-one mentoring program that connects youth and those with badges in communities throughout New Mexico building strong, trusting, lasting relationships.


Tensions with law enforcement officers have disrupted communities and sparked protests around the country. But now a new program, launched by mentoring organization Big Brothers Big Sisters, aims to prevent children from seeing law enforcement officers as bad guys through one-on-one relationships.

“Right now, there is an identifiable problem with poor relations between law enforcement and communities,” said Pam Iorio, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. “This helps law enforcement connect to the families they serve. They’re not going into a neighborhood to make an arrest; they’re going into a neighborhood to form a bond. It helps that young person see the police officers as a friend.”


Big Brothers Big Sisters’ nationwide initiative to recruit first responders as mentors for young people will pay dividends for the volunteers, the kids and the communities where they live and work. Known as “Bigs in Blue,” the new program is a well-timed response to increasing tension between law enforcement and the public. It is just the kind of grassroots effort the country needs to reset the adversarial dynamic. In our area, the program will be called Bigs with Badges and will include fire, EMS, corrections, county sheriff's departments along with police departments. 


Current and retired first responders can volunteer by completing our online volunteer form.


How it Works

  • Bigs with Badges volunteers will be asked to choose a program - community-based mentoring, crossroads, or mentor2.0. Once they choose a program, they can apply here.

  • Mentees are matched with volunteer Bigs with Badges (Police Departments, Sheriff's Departments, Fire & EMS Departments, State & Federal Departments).

  • Bigs must be willing to make a minimum of a one-year commitment to mentoring.

  • If the Big chooses to mentor in the community-based or crossroads programs, he or she must commit to spending at least 4 hours per month with their mentee.

  • For mentor2.0 Bigs, he or she must commit to completing the online interaction each week and attend the monthly events (make-up events will be offered).


Current Law Enforcement Partners


If you are a parent and would like for your child to be matched with a first responder please let us know when you enroll your child.