Match Spotlight

Little Brother, Relic, and Big Brother, Ryan, have been matched in our community-based program for nearly two years. When they were matched, they were both new to Albuquerque, so their relationship was based on getting to explore all it has to offer. If there was one word to describe this match, it would be “adventurous.” The match’s favorite activities include, fishing, trying new restaurants, and hiking. In their time together, the match has built a strong relationship where they can hang out, talk, and try new things. 

While the match does have a lot of fun together, Ryan also hopes to help Relic improve his relationship with school. Ryan has shared that school was not his favorite thing as a kid, and it was not something he really tried to perform at until he was older and had a career path in mind. This is something that Little Brother, Relic, has been able to relate to. Ryan hopes to help Relic to explore what he is interested in and to help him to see the benefits of education. 

When asked what Big Brother, Ryan, has been able to help Relic with, Relic’s mom has said that her son gets to work on building his social skills. Through Ryan, he has a friend he can talk to about challenges going on at school and in life, someone who will support him in his decisions, and someone who will help him to see another perspective. Relic’s mom has said that she is glad to have Ryan in Relic’s life, and he has been a great positive role model for him.

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