Upcoming Match Activities

Big Brothers Big Sisters hosts events for matches to attend together, encouraging learning, fun and safety.

Summer Splash- June
Summer Appreciation Picnic-also known as “Summer Splash” kicks off the summer in a “Big” way. Littles are out of school and the summer temperatures are rising and what better way to celebrate than to have some fun outdoors. With the help of sponsors and donations, we are able to provide Bigs, Littles, and their families with free food, entertainment, and games. It’s an event full of fun and you definitely do not want to miss one of the biggest parties of the year.

Halloween Spook Out- October
The Halloween Spook Out, hosted by the Sheraton Uptown, is a favorite among matches. The party features carnival style games, including a cake walk, ring toss, apple bobbing and more. Chilling screams and endless giggles flow from the Haunted House. The costume contest is a great opportunity for matches to work on creative costumes together and to win fun prizes.

Holidazzle - December
The Holidazzle is a fun event that brings our matches together to enjoy holiday games, hot chocolate and cookies. We encourage matches to join us for this fun holiday event.

Bigs Only Events- Quarterly

Bigs Only Events are an opportunity for Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteers to meet and talk about their experiences as Bigs. These events may be held at a local bar and grill, at a Big's home, or at the agency's office. The goal of these informal events is to build a support group for volunteers and a chance to get to know Big Brothers Big Sisters staff. If you are interested in hosting a Big's Only event, please contact us at [email protected]g.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is always looking for sponsors to help make these annual events possible. If you are interested in sponsoring a Big Brothers Big Sisters party, please contact us at [email protected]


Big Brothers Big Sisters also hosts several fundraisers throughout the year.