Big’s Name: Juliana Savic
Little’s Name: Abdul
Match Date: September 2016

Swimming, ice skating, and playing basketball are all activities that Abdul likes to do with his Big Sister, Juliana. Their favorite pastime, however, is visiting trampoline parks throughout the city. In fact, Abdul has become an expert on which trampolines let you jump the highest, and isn’t shy about telling anyone who asks.

Abdul is a high energy little boy who really enjoys having a Big Sister who is willing to do fun physical activities.  Without Sarah, Abdul probably would not be able do all of these things. Abdul’s mom does not drive, so it was hard for him to go to different places throughout the city. Now, he can’t wait for his time with Sarah to explore new venues.

Abdul is a great example of how one-to-one time helps Littles’ grow.  Juliana is someone with whom Abdul can spend time with and have all to himself.  Abdul can go out and do things with Juliana and not have to worry about what may be going on at home or at school.  Juliana gives Abdul the freedom to talk or not talk about things as it works best for him.  This works great for the two of them because no matter what they do they can always enjoy their time together. 

Congratulations Juliana – March 2019 Big of the Month!

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