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August 2017
Big Of the Month

Big Brother Bobak has been matched with Little Brother Andrick for two years.

Bobak has helped Andrick become more confident and independent. Bobak always takes the time to find new things that Andrick would enjoy such as basketball and baseball games at and scavenger hunts at the local library.

Andrick’s favorite activity with Bobak has been learning to play golf. Andrick says that this has been his favorite activity with Bobak because it has taught him about a new sport that no one else in his family knows how to play. Andrick says that the time spent together with Bobak has helped him open up and become more confident in himself because Bobak is always there for him.

Andrick says that Bobak pushes him to succeed every day, and shows him that he can do anything he puts his mind to. Andrick is extremely grateful for Bobak, and is always excited to see what they will do next. Thank you Bobak for everything that you do!
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