PNM Provides Funding for Mentor2.0 and Mentor3.0

Big Brothers Big Sisters is excited to announce that we have received A New Century of Service Grant from PNM Resources Foundation. A total of 40 New Mexico nonprofits, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico, were granted a total of $750,000 toward their missions. These grants are designed to promote economic development, education and the environment within the PNM service area. The grants were awarded to organizations that work to innovate new products and services that, in turn, grow and develop businesses in New Mexico; create collaborative community spaces for public use; and provide educational opportunities that support economic development.

The grant from PNM will support innovative one-to-one mentoring in our Mentor2.0 and Mentor3.0 programs. Launched in 2013, mentor2.0 pairs high school students with adult mentors through our innovative technology platform. Volunteers mentor online every week and meet with their mentees once a month at the high school. In the 2017-2018 school year, we had over 600 students in these two programs. Mentor3.0 continues the work that was started in high school through the first two years of college or career. The New Century of Service Grant will help us continue to provide quality mentoring through these two programs.


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