Daniel and Levi have been matched for 5 months through our site-based program at the Boys and Girls Club. Since January, they have already built a very strong bond. Levi looks forward to meeting with Daniel every week. The two spend most of their time playing air hockey, pool, or computer games in the tech lab. Daniel understands that there are certain things that Levi prefers to spend his time doing and gives him that freedom but also makes sure to set boundaries about how much time they spend doing those things so they can try out new things too.

Daniel always makes sure to sit with Levi on days that he needs help with his homework and explain difficult problems to him.  Daniel is also great at getting Levi out of his comfort zone and introducing him to new activities like green machine dodgeball. Daniel is incredibly patient and understanding and helps provide a safe space for Levi to feel comfortable and accepted.

Levi recently experienced a traumatic loss in his family and he opened up to Daniel about this, confiding in him. Daniel made sure to give Levi his space and not overwhelm him with questions, but also remain supportive enough that Levi knew he would be there when he was ready to talk. This helped develop a deeper sense of trust between the pair and it showed Levi that he could open up to Daniel about anything, big or small. Daniel has brought Levi out of his shell and helped him to feel more confident interacting with his peers.

Levi’s dad, Gabriel, said that Levi really seems to be enjoying the match so far and that he always talks about Daniel after they see each other. Gabriel is very happy with the match and is thrilled to hear about the progress that Levi is making.

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