Your Clothes & Household Items Make a Big Impact

Your Clothes & Household Items Make a Big Impact

By donating used clothing and household items, you can help generate funding, furthering our impact in New Mexico. Our partnership with Savers Thrift Stores has been a key factor in allowing us to increase the number of children and families we serve. For nearly 10 years, we have benefited from this reliable revenue source that accounts for 40% of our operating budget.

Click here to view a list of the items we are able to accept.

If you have already made a donation are looking to obtain a receipt, click here.

If you can host a Green Bin at your local business, we'd love to talk to you, contact  [email protected] and learn how you can make an impact by simply loaning us a parking spot.

Thank you for helping to create life-changing friendships in New Mexico by donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters.


With the help of our partners at Savers Thrift Stores, you can Give a Shirt and help fund one-to-one mentoring programs for New Mexico kids facing adversity.

  1. You help us!
  2. You help save valuable natural resources.
  3. You help keep items from landfills.
  4. You help reduce stress. Declutter!
  5. You help make somebody’s day. Your neighbors will benefit from your donations.