Big of the Month November 2019

Full of energy. That is how Little Brother Aiden’s mom, Rosemary, describes her son’s Big Brother, Gennaro. Gennaro and Aiden get together at least twice a month to do fun things like go to the New Mexico United Soccer Game, watch movies, throw the football and play games. Gennaro even taught Aiden how to play Pokemon and invited him to watch a play in which he performed.

Aiden feels that he and his Big Brother get along well because they have so much in common. Gennaro is very supportive of Aiden and is always there for him when he needs him. He also challenges Aiden to get out of his comfort zone. Aiden says, “We do a lot of betting . . . not for money, but I bet you can’t throw the football that to the bench or I bet you can’t make a basket from here.” Gennaro even dared Aiden to ride a horse while Aiden challenged Gennaro to learn how to roller skate. Most importantly, Aiden is very comfortable with his Big Brother. Gennaro came into Aiden’s life at just the right time. Thank you, Gennaro, for all you do for Aiden!

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